Wool 2 - Proper Gauge
Wool Wiki Book-2-cover
eBook cover
Author Hugh Howey
Country United States
Language English
Series Silo Saga
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Kindle Direct Publishing
Publication date November 30, 2011
Media type eBook
Preceded by Wool - Part One
Followed by Wool 3 - Casting Off

Wool 2 - Proper Gauge is the second novella in author Hugh Howey's Silo Saga series, originally published as an "eBook" on November 30, 2011.


A cleaning has been performed, and now the silo is without a sheriff. With only one good candidate available, Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes set off for the down deep to recruit her in person. Along the way, they discover much about each other, troubling news about this candidate, and stumble upon fractured alliances that could spell the doom of a silo they've worked long years to protect.

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