Jimmy Parker is a character in the Shift trilogy of the Silo Saga. We initially meet him in Third Shift - Pact.


Jimmy is first shown to be in class with his friend Paul which is stated that they are as thick as thieves, He is also stated to think that a girl sat in front of him known as Sarah Jenkins, though they would never have a relationship. It is stated that to inherit the posation of IT head he would have to stay in education for a extra year.


It is stated that Jimmy's opinion of Sarah Jenkins a classmate from beofre The Great Loud is that she is "Cute" and when choosing a life parter is mentioned in class she looks at Jimmy inidcating it may be mutual liking between the two.

Jimmy's relationship with his Mother is shown to be good and he was devastated with her death.

Jimmy's relationship with his Father is also said to be good and have some kind of mentoring for Jimmy's future position as the Silo's most important head.

Jimmy's relationship with Jules at first is frightful and untrusting though as she and him spends more time together he begins to trust her and begins to return to his old self after being isolated for decades with only Shadow for company.

Jimmy has a quick talk with a unknown person within Silo 1 which ends with the gassing of Silo 17, though due ot it not being lethal Jimmy has no clue what has happend and does not show any grudge towards Silo 1.


Memorable QuotesEdit

"Hello step." -Jimmy wondering up the stairway of Silo 17